Individual Career Records

Most Points Scored 432 Justin Potts
Most Touchdowns Rushing 55 Tyzhan Leatherwood
Most Field Goals 13 Brian Frederick
Most Yards Rushing 4,614 Michael Shorter
Most Rushing Attempts 854 Michael Shorter
Most Touchdowns Receiving 30 Jamel Riddle
Most Receptions 124 Jamel Riddle
Most Yards Receiving 2,642 Jamel Riddle
Most Yards Passing 4,576 Jesse Showerda
Most Pass Attempts 606 John Wilson
Most Pass Completions 311 Jesse Showerda
Highest Completion Percentage 61% Doug Geoffrey
All Purpose Offense 5,670 Michael Shorter
Most Points Kicking 135 Brian Frederick
Most Consecutive PATs 25 Kevin Frederick
Kickoffs Returns for Touchdowns 3 Michael Shorter
Punt Returns for Touchdowns 3 John Hardrick
3 Sam Rice
3 Jamel Riddle
3 Justin Potts
Interceptions Return for TD 2 Dale Bennett
2 Jermaine Fordham
2 Larry Greenberg
2 Jason Nelson
Fumble Returns for TD 2 Sean Bell
Most PATs rushing 27 Justin Potts
Most PATs Receiving 12 Jeff Craw
Most Successful PAT Completions 21 Ron Westfort
Most Interceptions 14 John Green
Most Safeties 2 Ryan Laferriere

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